Partnership with Rolling Bones Outfitters

We are making some changes to our deer management on the ranch and wanted to share our news with you. This past year we worked with Brian Mehman at Rolling Bones Outfitters to book a few of our hunts and were really happy with how things were handled.  Rolling Bones Outfitters is a membership based booking agent for many types of hunts across the Country and Canada. They also have a tv show on the Sportsman’s Channel called “Rolling Bones, No Boundaries,” and are based out of Spearfish, SD.  Brian came out to hunt turkeys with Trampas last spring and whitetail deer last fall and fell in love with the ranch, after some discussion about our goals for the ranch and the wildlife, we propositioned Rolling Bones Outfitters (RBO) with a partnership of sorts.  RBO will be taking over deer management on the Diamond 7 Bar.   For our current hunters, you will notice only minor changes and see improvement in the quality of deer.   RBO will be selling management hunts at reduced rates in addition to implementing strategies for growing healthier game. We believe our partnership will benefit all of us and hope you are excited about the potential to see and harvest a larger quantity of mature, beautiful whitetails.  

If you have questions about the partnership, please call or email [email protected]