About Us

The Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch is a owned and operated by Beth Reilly.   Beth is the oldest of three children born to Gerald and Betsy (Owen) Mahoney and the only girl.  Beth has lived on the Diamond Seven Bar Ranch all of her life, except for time at college and few years teaching school in Nebraska and here in Wyoming.   Born in 1966, Beth remembers not having electricity or running water in the house. When she was three, her Mom and Dad built the ranch house, as it now stands. Beth has many memories of growing up on the ranch and learned all the things a rancher should know from mending fences, training horses, driving tractors and farming, getting a quick meal together when unexpected company comes, helping cows calve, pulling porcupine quills out of the dog’s nose, getting the eggs from the chickens, etc… 

Beth always dreamed that she would own the ranch and now that dream has come true.  Beth loves the ranch life with its fresh air, independence, and challenges. It means a lot to her to have so much of her family’s heritage tied up here and she loves the old stories.  She is best at working with the horses and cattle and enjoys that work the most.  Beth also loves to dance and plays the guitar (somewhat poorly).  She likes the older cowboy and country western songs.  Beth has four sons who are a big help on the ranch, Sam, Hunter, Christian and Hudson.  As the CEO of all the family enterprises, things keep her busier than she would like. But, when she can, she sneaks out and rides, rides, rides.

About the Ranch Crew

The heritage of The Diamond Seven Bar Ranch is built on the ideology of big dreams, hard work and integrity. You will see those ideas echoed in our literature, our life and our work. I had big dreams and those dreams would not be possible without exceptional people who shared our values to work with us. Those people have gravitated to us and our dreams and added dimensions and richness that we could not have imagined ourselves. You will see them listed below and will be able to read a bit about them. We want you to know that they are the best of the best and exceptional beyond exception. Without them, sharing the Ranch with you would not be possible.

Ed Reilly – Office Manager, Giant Rubber Water Tanks

Ed is the office manager for Beth’s other business, Giant Rubber Water Tanks.  He also helps out with just about any aspect of the guest ranch. He’s been the cook, the cleaner, and the entertainment.  Ed’s got a voice for old time country music and loves to share it. You’ll see Ed around the ranch office, feel free to stop in and tell him hi, he’s always up for a good visit.