Essential Gear


As your Guest Ranch Vacation approaches, we will provide you with a suggested packing list along with some other materials. At the top of the packing list will be boots. Cowboy boots are not just for show (there are really pretty boots widely available) but they are an essential piece of gear for the enjoyment of your vacation.

Why cowboy boots?

I am sure that you’ve at least seen or owned a pair of cowboy boots in your life. If you have, you will notice the tall leather uppers, the higher heal and the complete covering of the feet. The tall uppers protect your legs from brush, tree limbs and any number of things that may rub up against your calves while riding your horse. We do recommend that you also wear long pants or jeans to protect the rest of your legs. The heel of your boot is also important because it keeps your foot securely in the stirrup preventing your foot from sliding around and allowing you to have the freedom to direct your horse, stand up and stabilize yourself while riding.

Beyond functions of the upper and the heel of the boot, cowboy boots are an iconic piece of a cowboy or cowgirl’s wardrobe. Investing in a pair to wear while you’re here will remind you of the adventures that you had while on the ranch; you may just like them so much that you will want a custom pair! We can arrange a visit with our custom boot makers to talk about pricing and have your measurements taken while you are here at the ranch. The Diamond Livery is only a few miles away and always a lively visit.

These are Cowboy Vic’s custom boots, made by Diamond Livery. They have our brand and some very fancy stitching on the upper, the pattern of which is only on his pair. Each boot made is lovingly, thoughtfully and carefully designed to carry the essence of the owner. Once you wear a custom pair of boots, it will be difficult to go back to mass-produced shoes. The comfort is unmatched.

Give yourself some time to find the right pair to bring with you to the ranch. Then, wear them before you come so they are broken in before you spend all day in the saddle and exploring the Black Hills. You won’t regret the investment and the nostalgia the boots will bring home with you after your stay here at the Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch!